The Latest QuietKat Bike – Lynx – Leaps Into New Terrain

All New Lynx from QuietKat
The QuietKat Lynx is a Moto inspired commutter with sensational off-road capability
All New Lynx from QuietKat
The Lynx is a Moto inspired commutter with sensational off-road capability

QuietKat bikes are renowned for their well priced, high quality, fat tire electric hunting bikes. They are now extending their fat tire electric bike lineup beyond the QuietKat Ranger, Jeep eBike, QuietKat Warrior, and other hunting bikes into Moto styled off roaders.


The QuietKat Linx electric bike,  hit the market in summer 2023. 


The QuietKat Lynx Fat Tire eBike is a top-of-the-line electric bike that extends the companies model range away from electric hunting bikes. 


The Lynx adds flexibility to an already impressive line up of off-road fat tire e-bikes. The Lynx retains an rugged terrain ability, while addressing commuting and comfort.


The Moto style fat tires, and 2 speed Bafang rear hub motor, are slanted toward tarmac pounding rather than hunting, however, the Lynx is still very capable of handling the toughest off-road conditions.


Adding new styling with emerging eBike technology, this bike is built to deliver an exciting and enjoyable ride for both outdoor enthusiasts and commuters.


I was lucky enough to get an early preview, and test ride the Cafe Moto style e-bike at the Las Vegas AIMEXPO earlier this year.


Here I review the key features of the Lynx and analyze how well it performs.

Polini EP3 + MX e-MTB Motor
QuietKat Lynx use a hub motor specifically designed by Bafang.

Styling: Moto Inspired

Moto styled eBikes are capturing consumer imagination. As a result, many manufacturers are keen to adopt motocross inspired look-alike’s. The Lynx is set to capitalize on the growing consumer demand.


The bike is both stylish and practical. 


Looking at the Lynx for the first time, your eye is immediately drawn to the luxurious, flowing, tan leather-look saddle. The long, Motocross style seating allows both tall and short riders to find a comfortable riding position, while dual density foam maximizes comfort.


The Moto style saddle flows seamlessly into the QuietKat bike rack which sweeps over the rear wheel to elongate the contours of the bike. The QuietKat bike rack is a thoughtful inclusion to improve appearance while adding practicality.


The large, motorcycle-esq headlight, brake light, saddle and 24” fat tires blend together perfectly to bestow the presence, and form, of a small motorcycle.


The bike is available in two colors, eggshell black with gloss black logo, or silver with dark silver logo blended into the downtube. The contrasting finish of the QuietKat logo subtly elevates the quality appearance of the bike.

Golden QuietKat Lynx eBike
QuietKat - A quality brandname
Golden QuietKat Lynx eBike
QuietKat - A quality brandname

Drivetrain: Basic

The Quietkat Lynx Fat Tire eBike is equipped with a single speed drivetrain. With no derailleur, the powerful 2 speed hub motor selects the internal gear ratio according to the terrain and rider input. 


The emphasis with this e-bike is on using the powerful motor to reduce rider effort. This simplifies life as there are no manual gears to distract focus.

Motor: Bafang 1,000W Motor

The bike boasts a powerful 1,000 Watt, 2 speed, Bafang rear wheel hub motor rather than the mid drive motor on other models. 


QuietKat advised me that the power plant was specifically designed for the Lynx.


The powerful electric motor can reach speeds of up to 28 mph simply by twisting the throttle. 


The high powered motor is ideal for riders who want to tackle tough terrain while enjoying the freedom, comfort, and convenience of a stylish commuter.

The Lynx is designed to be a rugged off-road capable commuter, so agility was not high on the design criteria. The rear hub motor felt well balanced and planted and weight over the rear wheel will provide a little extra traction to help on wet tarmac and off road mud slugs.


Bafang is a much respected motor manufacturer in the e-bike industry. The Chinese manufacturer is known for producing good quality, reliable motors. 


Bafang has been working to develop new motors In response to the burgeoning demand for high-performance, market specific e-bikes. QuietKat advised that the 2 speed hub motor was designed to address the challenges of the Linx.


The motor on the Quietkat Lynx Fat Tire eBike is an example of Bafang’s dedication to innovation and excellence. The 1,000W, dual speed makes light of steep hills and tough terrain.


Bafang hub motors are reliable and capable powerhouses which would be expected to provide a long, trouble free service life. 

QuietKat are living up to their motto:

“Where the road ends the adventure begins”


The Lynx will be delivered with two battery options, a 17.5aH or 21aH battery. Using a realistic distance calculator, the 17.5aH battery should provide a practical ride distance of 25 miles, while the 21aH battery will extend everyday riding to around 30 miles.


Batteries can be quickly removed from the frame or charged in situ.

Suspension: Long Travel Front Forks, Coil Rear Shock

The Quietkat Lynx Fat Tire eBike is equipped with a luxuriously compliant dual suspension system to provide an extra level of cushioning on bumpy roads. 


The rear, single pivot, coil spring has 100mm of travel, while the long travel front forks have a massive 203mm.


The suspension is designed for maximum comfort before ultimate performance. After all, the Lynx is a commuter come mud slugger. It isn’t a dirt bike, or mountain bike, which are focused on timed track competitions.


The QuietKat Linx has steered clear of brand name suspension components to minimize costs.


The long travel suspension allows the rider to navigate through rocky and uneven country with ease. The compliant suspension and fat tires combine to add comfort and reduce the risk of injury.

Play Video about Golden QuietKat Lynx eBike

Brakes: Gemma 2-piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Brakes are always a crucial feature for riders who want to stay safe while riding in challenging conditions. 


The Lynx is equipped with Gemma 2 piston hydraulic disc brakes front and rear. The 320mm disc rotors are helped by the smaller wheel radius, and the 2-piston calipers provide excellent stopping power, hauling the bike up quickly from flat out. 


I found that there was plenty of stopping power on the dry tracks and roads that I rode the bike on.  


Stopping quickly required a harder squeeze to pull up rapidly from top speed. I personally prefer this as I have a tendency to lock the wheels on some bikes with quad piston calipers.

Tires: 24” Moto Style Fat Tires

Designed to tackle any kind of surface, from rocks to mud, or sand, the bike is shod with 24” x 4.5” Vee Huntsman Moto style tires front and rear. 


Off-road, the fat tires are the first line of suspension damping making it easier to navigate through rough patches, providing better traction and stability.


On road, the fat tires add to the excellent small bump compliance provided by the long travel suspension.

Silver frame QuietKat Lynx
The QuietKat Lynx is available in black or silver
Silver frame QuietKat Lynx
The QuietKat Lynx is available in black or silver

Lights: Headlight, Tail-light, Brake-light

The Quietkat Lynx Fat Tire eBike comes equipped with both headlight and a tail-light. 


The strikingly large headlight provides ample illumination for riders who prefer to ride the bike in the early morning or late at night. 


The headlight itself has both a main beam and dipped beam selector switch. It also includes a halo effect running light surrounding the headlight to conserve battery when the main headlight is not required.


The bike also features a dual purpose rear light, integrating brake light with the running light.


Both lights are excellent safety equipment for commuters who use the bike in traffic or have to ride in low visibility conditions.

Security: Smart Tracker

A handy addition to the Lynx is a Bluetooth, Cellular and GPS enabled anti-theft tracker. This allows the eBike to be traced through a smart phone app.


The tracker can locate the eBike by simply looking up its location using a cellular phone. Alternatively, the flexible tracking system allows outsourcing to an external third party.

Magura eBike ABS lever and brake caliper
2 piston brakes on 320mm rotor stop the 24" fat tire bike well

Target Market

The Quietkat Lynx Fat Tire eBike is designed for riders who want a powerful electric commuter  that can handle any kind of ground. 


This eBIke is flexible enough for outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore new trails and take on challenging routes, as well as commuters who want an electric bike that can handle the daily grind.


Pricing for the Lynx has yet to be finalized but will vary with the battery spec. the owner selects.

The bike will be released this summer with price anticipated to hover around $4,000. 


This is a well positioned price point for a top brand eBike of this quality. It presents a flexible, fun and adventurous trail capable option in a Moto styled, comfortable, commuter.

Mechanical Lynx Head
The QuietKat Linx takes a leap into new territory
Mechanical Lynx Head
The QuietKat Linx takes a leap into new territory


The Quietkat Lynx Fat Tire eBike is a departure from a traditional electric hunting bike.


Although double the cost of the QuietKat Ranger, this ebike is well priced for a stylish Moto inspired commuter. As a premier brand ebike, it will be an excellent investment for anyone looking for a high-quality and durable electric bike.


With its powerful Bafang motor, Gemma brakes, long travel suspension, and fat tires, this bike is designed to tackle everything.


Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, the Quietkat Lynx Fat Tire eBike provides an exciting and enjoyable ride. 


The headlight, tail-light, and brake light add safety for commuting and the anti-theft tracking adds peace of mind.

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The Latest QuietKat Bike "Lynx" Leaps Into New Terrain
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The Latest QuietKat Bike "Lynx" Leaps Into New Terrain
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