MOTO PARILLA TRICOLORE – The best Motorcycle – eMTB hybrid

Tricolore e-MTB from Moto Parilla
The Tricolore from Moto Parilla is the most stunning e-bike to date

eBike enthusiasts around the world are waiting to see the latest enduro e-MTB from the Italian ebike styling gurus Moto Parilla.  We have been given tantelizing insights into their latest e-bike, the Tricolore, and it looks stunning.


Moto Parilla are fast making a name for themselves as a leading edge style house in the burgeoning e-bike sector. Following the successful methodology of Italian vehicle stylists Lamborghini, Ferrari, MV Agusta, and Ducati, Moto Parilla are creating inspired vehicle art.


Moto Parilla e-bikes are frequently pictured alongside Ferrari’s, Bently’s and Ducati’s as they are amongst the best styled, and most exclusive e-bikes.


To date, we have been shown only vague computer efigies, sketches, and screenshots of 3-D CAD diagrams on computer monitors. Although we have few details of the bike, it is clear that the Tricolore is an absolute stunner.

eMTB action with eBike ABS
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The Tricolore incorporates the chiseled styling of elite motorcycles into its architecture. In a departure from the trellis frame of their Trilix model, their enduro e-bike is built around a monocoque frame. 


The frame is radically styled for an e-MTB and incorporates a bilateral, single-arm, swingarm. Every detail of the frame has been created by CAD systems to combine flexibility with form. 


Acute angles, sharply contoured components, and top class materials, distinguish the bike from other e-bikes. 


Engine mounts allow mid-mounted engines up to 750 Watts, while the frame allows drive trains, seat posts, and suspension geometry to be easily interchanged.


Carbon fiber, aerospace alloy, and hemp fiber are combined in construction. The combination of materials impart strength, form, flexibility, and lightness.

High tech frame on Moto Parilla e-MTB's
Top quality and high tech frame fabrications used by Moto Parilla

The frame of this amazing eMTB is not only sleek, the enclosure provides space for a large 880 wH battery pack. The class leading battery pack is expected to provide a range of up to 65 miles (100 Km) for Pedelec compliant motors.


Using the best tech available, the drive will be provided by the lightweight, powerful and compact Polini EP3 + MX motor.  


Polini are a renowned performance factory who pride themselves on the quality and power of their electric motors. Recent victories in the Enduro World series in Valberg, and three category titles in the Italian e-Enduro Championship, underscores the race pedigree of the EP3 + MX.


The industry leading 250 Watt motor can output 600 Watts peak power with a competition crushing 90 Newton meters of torque.


The Polini EP3 + MX weighs only 6 Lbs (2.95 Kg) and has one of the narrowest form factors which allow pedals to be fitted tight to the bike.


The slim profile Polini TFT display is easy to read with a 2.5-inch color screen. The clear display gives the rider 5 mappings to choose from, with pedal assistance up to 4 times rider input. 


The display is clear and informative giving details of the rider’s pedalling power, motor power, cadence, and remaining battery range.


Maximum torque is delivered at pedal cadence between 60 to 80 RPM, and the motor continues to assist the rider up to 120 rpm.


The Tricolore is an aesthetically stunning hybrid between a motocross motorcycle and electric Enduro mountain bike.

The Italian automotive styling specialists Moto Parilla have excelled with both design and capability. This e-MTB is simply the most visually stunning e-bike on the market. In addition to the dazzling presentation, the Tricolore has the most powerful motor in class and a huge battery delivering the goods for e-bike enthusiasts everywhere.

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Tricolore Enduro eMTB - A motorcycle - e-bike hybrid
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Tricolore Enduro eMTB - A motorcycle - e-bike hybrid
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The Tricolore is an enduro e-MTB shortly to be released from the Italian automotive style guru's Moto Parilla. The article details the latest images and details of this stunning e-bike.
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